The e-commerce site created by Expansion Web Multimedia allows you, besides the presentation of your business and activities, to show and sell products directly on the Internet through a secured merchant platform with an attractive design, that aims to encourage Internet users to place orders on your online store. You will be able to sell physical objects, services, dematerialized documents and multimedia content for download. For example for the e-books the download is completely secure and can be watermarked with the contact details of the purchaser in order to protect your intellectual property.

The administration modules of your web store (for customer management, orders, catalogues, etc.) are designed to facilitate the task of attracting visitors, making sales and retain customers with a complete autonomy for the administrator of your web store.

The design of the e-commerce sites offered by Expansion Web Multimedia is attractive, efficient and of high quality and their user-friendliness allows an easy and intuitive navigation in your store. They will meet all the requirements of the customers on Internet, by the security, the simplicity of use and the clarity of the design.

All the e-commerce websites designed by Expansion Web Multimedia are automatically adaptable to all types of devices, regardless of their size or operating system: mobile, tablet, laptop, Android, iOS, OS X, Windows…