You decide to expand your business at an international level. Whether you already have a website or want to create one, it must support all the languages of the countries you want to reach.

As you know, there are translation tools that allow you to translate any Internet page for free and instantly, but even if the result of this automatic translation allows you to understand the content, it is never perfect and is not suitable to use it in a professional environment. A human must necessarily perform a quality translation that reflects correctly your ideas and describes accurately your products and activities.

Of course, the translation of the texts in itself is not enough. Your entire website must be adapted: the images, the tool tips, the products and their descriptions and prices etc. must be optimally and efficiently managed. For example, when you change the image or the price of one of your products, you want this change to be reflected in all the languages ​​of your site by an automatic synchronization, without having to make this change manually for each language. Do you add a slideshow to a product description? It will automatically become available on the corresponding pages of the product in the other languages. Conversely, when the version of the product you are selling in another country has a different packaging, and therefore different images, such situations must also be easy to manage. All this is at your fingertips with the tools provided by Expansion Web Multimedia.

Even the URLs of the pages must be specific to each language used on your site. For example, if the web address of the French page of the description of your products is:, in English it becomes:

Therefore, it is a complex task requiring a good methodology and the right tools, and these are part of the skills of Expansion Web Multimedia, as well as the translation of your website in English.