The showcase site aims to present your company, your activities and your products (apart from an online sale), in order to make you known on the web, in the manner of a commercial prospectus findable and accessible at any time. You will thus get a virtual showroom, a showcase of the achievements of your company. For example, if you are an architect or a tradesman in the construction industry, you can publish pictures showing the qualities of your achievements. The website that we are building for you becomes a true portfolio, accessible at any moment, on any device. The owners of specialist shops will also be able to promote their business by this means. You will benefit from a virtual showroom, permanently open.

Through a global presentation, in 3 or 4 pages maximum, the professional showcase site will allow you to multiply your prospects and to get more requests for quotations, for example.

An original home page adapted to the image of your company, to its brand and visual identity will attract the attention of the visitors and encourage them to discover your services by continuing their visit on your site. One or two other pages will be dedicated to the presentation of your services or products, and the last page will contain a contact form, as well as your contact details: postal address with or without a map, phone, e-mail address etc.

Expansion Web Multimedia has the skills needed to design and create your showcase website automatically adaptable to all screen sizes (smartphone, tablet, laptop and desktop), and easily findable by the usual search engines (Google, etc.) through optimization and natural referencing (SEO).